Local and sanctioned tournaments are a great way to test & sharpen your skills. For a comprehensive list of pickleball tournaments, be sure to check out Pickleball Tournaments.com. For tournament play, it is recommended that you become a member of USA Pickleballball

Improve Your Pickleball Skills By Taking A Lesson!

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Private Lesson Prices
Private  $70/hr. 
Group  $20/player (per hr.) 

Pickleball doesn't require much equipment & is simple to learn. An excellent rulebook is available here. Pickleball doesn't require much equipment. Basically, all that's needed is a court, net, paddle, and ball. Pickleball courts are 22 feet wide and 44 feet long, meaning about four courts can fit in the same space as a standard tennis court. There are a variety of places to purchase pickleball equipment either at local sporting goods dealers or online. Ray recommends Pickleball Central or Pickleball Galaxy

There are a lot of places to play pickleball around San Diego North County

Places To Play
The Westwood Club 1 Court Available at Site
The Swim & Tennis Club 4 Courts Fixed Nets
Felicita Park 2 Courts Fixed Nets
Kit Carson Park 4+ Courts Bring Your Own Net

Tip Of The Month: The 'Kitchen Dink'

The 'kitchen' is an area of the courts that extends 7' from the net to the NVZ (non volley zone) line. A player is not allowed to strike the ball without it first bouncing in this area. To 'kitchen dink': shorten your backswing and unsqueez your hand on the grip. Dink to your opponents kitchen line to force them to hit up. This is a great way to neutralize your opponent

Player Spotlight: Orman Sebor

After playing tennis in High School, Orman Sebor graduated and all his friends had either lost interest in playing tennis or were moving away for college. So he lost interest in continuing to play as well. One summer, a neighbor of his had just found out about this sport and decided to invite Orman's parents to play pickleball on the weekend. Orman decided to tag along with them and from that day on, was instantly hooked to this new & exciting sport. It was just like playing tennis with only a smaller court and having to be careful about stepping into the "kitchen". Orman can play singles but doubles is where the all the fun is at!